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At MWC, OnePlus will showcase a special concept version of the OnePlus 11 with liquid cooling. The Cryoflux active cooling system is said to be able to lower the device’s temperature by 2.1°C while gaming.

CryoFlux coolant consists of a system of small tubes with a membrane in the middle. The piezoelectric ceramic pump circulates the fluid. According to OnePlus, the system will be manufactured in such a way that it can be built without a significant increase in weight or thickness compared to a regular phone. This seems to be true, because compared to the regular OnePlus 11, the concept model doesn’t feel much thicker or heavier. OnePlus says that the vapor chamber present in the regular OnePlus 11’s cooling Snapdragon 8 Gen2 soc is also still in the concept device. Liquid coolant is simply added to it.

According to OnePlus, the cooler can lower the phone’s temperature by 2.1°C while gaming, while reducing the temperature by 1.6°C when charging. For example, the charging time should be reduced from 30 to 45 seconds. OnePlus says it really wants to launch a liquid-cooled phone in the future that should offer the aforementioned benefits, but the concept device on display is primarily designed to look pretty. For example, the tube shape, which you can see on the OnePlus 11 Concept through the transparent back glass, isn’t optimally functional, according to a staff member at the beta site. In addition, the experimental models did not contain real coolant. There is a mixture of water, oil, and blue dye in the tubes, so you can clearly see the bubbles running through the system. If you put your ear back, you will hear the pump hiss softly.

The glass back of the OnePlus 11 Concept is very curved on the sides compared to the regular model, which makes the metal frame on the side very slim. High-gloss paint is applied to the glass by means of Microwave sprayand a carbon fiber effect has been added around the radiator tubes. The camera island, also covered with a layer of glass, has a brass plate around the lenses that is guilloched.

OnePlus sometimes shows concept devices at exhibitions quite often. For example, the company introduced the OnePlus Concept One at CES 2020 a few years back, based on the 5g variant of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. The OnePlus 8T concept was introduced later. Just as at that time, there are no plans to actually release a new concept device.

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