Once again, the company stops cooperating with the Meiland family due to Erica’s statements about Islam

Once again, the company stops cooperating with the Meiland family due to Erica's statements about Islam

Brand Mattress Emma has ended its collaboration with Dutch reality star Maxime Meiland, due to mother Erica Rinkema’s statements about Islam. The company has it Instagram post announced.

The mattress brand distances itself from Renkema’s comments and doesn’t want to be involved “with someone who doesn’t embrace our values ​​of diversity and inclusion”.

The decision comes just days after the card company Hallmark stopped working with the Meiland family for the same reason.

a lot of misery

In her recently published autobiography titled Erica, the mover behind MeilandjesWritten by Jan Dijgraf, Erica Rinkema makes various statements about, among others, Muslims and Turkish-Dutch. She calls the last group “the freelancers who all send money to Turkey” and who “really need to close the borders.”

And about Islam, Rinkema says it brings “a lot of misery,” like “terrorism, but also oppression of women and cultural things like circumcision and all kinds of crazy customs.” She describes people who wear the burqa as “penguins.”

Rinkema is also critical of the headscarf. vs Show news She said she “can’t stand the headscarf”. “It shouldn’t be there.”

Maxime Milland

Mattress manufacturer Emma says it reached out to influencer and Rinkema’s daughter Maxime Meland to respond to the remarks, “because we don’t want to judge Maxime based on her mother’s point of view.” The company said it had not received a response yet.

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