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Developer Jagex has asked the developer who was working on the HD mod for Old School RuneScape to stop. The RuneLite HD mod was supposed to be released on Monday after two years of development. Clay 117 obeys the request.

Clay 117 writes on reddit He received a notice from Jagex shortly before the release, with the RuneScape developer asking the mod not to release RuneLite HD. Jagex says it is working on a similar graphic improvement to Old School RuneScape, which is said to be in a “relatively early research stage”. That’s why 117 should stop his temper.

The designer himself suggested taking RuneLite HD offline once official graphical optimization was available and Jagex was given ‘cooperative control’ over the RuneLite HD’s visual style. Jagex has rejected this. 117 say they spent about 2,000 man-hours over two years on the project. employment Twitter shows 117 multiple screenshots View of the project.

RuneLite HD is a third-party client that comes with graphical improvements for Old School RuneScape. The mod is an add-on on top of RuneLite, which is also a third-party client that has been around for years and Provides additional functionality, such as XP Tracker, a button to customize attack patterns, and additional chat features. Additionally, the game uses your PC’s GPU to get a higher frame rate per second. Both RuneLite and RuneLite HD work with Old School RuneScape servers and are open source.

This isn’t the first time that RuneLite and Jagex developers have clashed; In 2018 all Jagex The RuneLite project will be discontinued. A few days later, Jagex gave still approved for the project. Jagex confirms that he asked 117 to turn off RuneLite HD; The developer wants to have “consistency” in the visual style of Old School RuneScape and so wants to avoid having tweaks that make the game different from what Jagex wants. The developer says it wants to include 117 in the feedback sessions for the graphical improvement of Old School RuneScape.

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