! @#$% on potential Ubisoft sales and Netflix problems

!  @#$% on potential Ubisoft sales and Netflix problems

This week’s Peepshow is actually a special. Because Boris and JJ are in the office mainly talking about the latest news about Ubisoft. The company will be prey for sale. And that shows, whether that will happen or not, that the gaming industry as we know it is in crisis. And then practically everything is on deck at Peepshow which we especially appreciate Featured Members to make. How close do the two think a potential Ubisoft purchase is? what is going on? Why are the French for sale? And who would be interested in it? So it promises to be a lively discussion. You’ll see and hear it at Peepshow on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Ubisoft for sale

What’s with the huge sale of all these publishers and studios? what is going on? So, if we are to believe the stories of Kotaku and Bloomberg, it looks like Ubisoft is next on the list. why is that? What has been going on there lately? Does it have anything to do with the work atmosphere? Or the failed attempt to implement NFT in video games? Or is it all about the big games that won’t be coming out soon? What will Yves Guillemot do? It has always been strongly against sales. Ubisoft must be independent of it. Is it still possible? Is selling now the right option? And who will ultimately choose Ubisoft? Will that be a traditional publisher like EA, Xbox or Sony, or will we see tough boys from VCs?

A new game Project Q is not going well

To illustrate the stagnation that Ubisoft is going through right now, the best thing to do is take a look at Ubisoft’s reactions to the new “Battle Royale” game. Q . project† During the announcement they had some sporadic reactions. Finally, Boris and JJ talked about the issues with Netflix. Submarines are escaping. Moreover, you can make a perfect comparison between the current situation around Ubisoft and that of Netflix. You can see and hear an explanation of why in this version of Peepshow.

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