Omroep Flevoland – News – ‘Ready’

Omroep Flevoland - News - 'Ready'

By putting together prefab homes, Flevoland Startblock wants to give beginners a fair chance in the housing market. On Thursday, the eighth house of a sixteen-home project was laid out at Meldestraat in Emmeloord. The project is a collaboration with the municipality of Noordoostpolder.

The compact house consists of three floors. If you compare a Startblock house to a traditional house, the foundation is the only similarity. Where it normally takes months to build, the house is now ready in six days.

In the factory, the house was built on different workstations. “For example, the drawing was done on the first stop,” says Tony Mull, general manager of Startblock. Then we set up the roof, and at the next station, after a day and a half, we are already working on installing the kitchen and bathroom, then we move to electricity and water, and we finish the house. “

Although the house comes from the factory is completely habitable, residents have to wait a little longer after installation before they can move into their home. “The homes must first be connected to the utilities,” Moll says. “It will probably happen next week. And then it will be a few more weeks before the first residents can move in.”

The house price is €100,000 excluding VAT. There are also land costs. Since the house is for beginners, it is important that it is affordable as well as environmentally friendly. “We think it’s important to give beginners a place in Emmeloord,” Moll says. “Nordstpolder municipality and investors think so too. The need is great across the Netherlands. We need to build faster and more. We’ve achieved this in a year. That’s incredibly fast.”

The company faces challenges while building and installing homes. Mall: “The big challenge we have in putting homes in place quickly is the facilities. Capacity is not enough. Sometimes we have to wait a long time before we can deliver, when the house may have been there for months.”

There are also actions that Startblock should take into consideration. “This house is normal,” says Moll. “It can look different every time. If we had a permit in Emmeloord, why would we have to wait for a permit again in the Almere? This principle was sometimes on the list thirteen years ago.”

Placing the homes is the first homes in Flevoland. Startblock wants to place an additional eighteen homes in Emmeloord in the future.

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