Omroep Flevoland – News – Metallica and other big names are clients of this company in Emmeloord

Omroep Flevoland - News - Metallica and other big names are clients of this company in Emmeloord

They are often found at the Ziggo Dome and AFAS Live, are used at many major festivals and even travel across Europe with famous artists such as Metallica: Dutch Security Fences. Crowd gates and special entries for large crowds are sold and rented from Emmeloord and are largely manufactured there.

Dutch Barrier settled in 2022 in the premises of the late Hoekstra printing company in the Nagelerweg business park. Since then, approximately 6.5 kilometers of fence have been produced at the warehouses in Emmelord.

Cees Muurling is one of the company’s founders. He worked for years at party planner Mojo. This company also initially developed Barriers itself, but later divested that business unit.

Muurling and his partners have filled the gap in the market and now count many big names among their clients.

Crew travel and customization
Emmeloord stocks a number of standard fences, but also offers custom work. When a musical group is performing on a different stage, for example a carousel, employees from Emmeloord sometimes travel across Europe to manage the installation of fences in concert halls.

At the request of the artists, the fences are also modified to personal wishes. For example, a barrier was recently created for an Australian singer – Morling leaves the name blank – allowing the artist to get much closer to his audience.

Someone from the singer’s external management traveled to Emmeloord specifically for this fence to inspect the fence. The management was satisfied with the work, but the singer’s scene still had to be reduced by 30 cm. This modification will also be implemented again.

According to Morling, the strength of the Dutch Barriers lies in the fact that the fences are very strong, but can also be quickly assembled or dismantled.

The latter option is useful, because in many events, “barriers” can only be put in place at the last minute, and thus “get in the way” of actually getting the work done. Since all fences have exactly the same dimensions, it is also easy to combine individual parts.

Foreign customers
The fences are often used at Dutch festivals and concerts, but they also find their way to more remote places. It has been rented to the Seagate festivals in Hungary, Helfest in France and Glastonbury in England, among others.

Rental companies and venues in various countries have also purchased their own “barriers” from Emmeloord. Nowadays they perform at Spektrum Arena in Oslo, at Bergen Live Festival in Norway and even at a hall in Japan.

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