Oldest Beatles recording goes to the British Council | music

Oldest Beatles recording goes to the British Council |  music

A recording last week of a performance by The Beatles has been restored and made available to a cultural institution in Britain. According to the British media, this gives a wide audience the opportunity to listen to the recording.

The tape was made in early April 1963 by John Bloomfield. Then the Beatles played at a school recital and the 15-year-old Bloomfield taped the show. On a program on BBC Radio, the 75-year-old Brit announced that he had found the tape.

The makers of the BBC and Bloomfield show want to restore the concert recording and donate it to a cultural foundation in Great Britain. It’s not clear what setting they have in mind, but the intention is that everyone who wants to can hear the performance.

The April 4, 1963 School Ball performance in Buckinghamshire lasts an hour. Between songs, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr speak to the audience. It would be the “Fab Four’s” oldest concert recording. The show opens with I Saw Her Standing There, the song that also opens to Please Please, the Beatles’ debut album

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