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Gamers looking to play games from Sony digital stores on their PlayStation consoles and mobile devices are facing an issue with expired licenses. According to the stores, their license to play the game expired on New Year’s Day 1970, which is Unix era

according to A tour of Kotaku The problem occurs on many Sony platforms, but none newer than PS Vita 2011. For example, players reported that they could not play Chrono Cross, which is originally a PS1 game, on PS Vita and PlayStation 3. Other players again reported that they had All-digital Vitalibrary You can not play.

The problem, as shown in the affected user image, is that somehow the license expiration date is set to 12/31/1969. This date is suspiciously close to the so-called Unix era, the point marked as “zero” on the calendar. The benefit of this is that with the help of the zero point in the calendar, the date and time can be observed as Integer, which represents the amount of seconds or milliseconds that have elapsed since the zero calendar. Supposedly, something went wrong with Sony’s systems, causing the expiration moment to jump to zero.

Affected users have reported that Sony customer service offers advice along the lines of “perform a factory reset on your console” and variants thereof, to no avail. Sony did not respond to a request for comment from Kotaku prior to the publication of their article on Friday.

This isn’t the first time Sony has made it difficult to play classic games on its older platforms, although this case does not appear to be happening on purpose. Sony wanted to acquire PS Stores for PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP last year close† As a result, many older games were at risk of becoming unavailable or difficult to obtain. Gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with this and Sony doodle again, although the PSP Store remained doomed. It closed last year, but PSP games can still be purchased Via PS3 and Vita

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