OG3NE sisters change after mother’s death: ‘It’s not good at all’

OG3NE sisters change after mother's death: 'It's not good at all'

Lisa, Amy, and Shelley have all changed since her death. “Life is different now, and I’m different,” Shelley said. “Losing your mother is something you can’t even imagine happening,” Amy added.

Preparing for their mother’s death was impossible, no matter how Shelly tried. “It’s heartbreaking and you take it with you for the rest of your life. The deficiency persists. The first months I was emotionless, hardened so hard. I shut myself off from staying upright.”

Shelley explains that she sometimes “goes helpless madness” when she thinks about how hard life is. “It’s your body’s mechanism to keep you out of this pain.”

Lisa says the girls have matured a lot since the loss. Despite the fear of never feeling happy again, sadness gets better and better. For example, the morning before the interview, Lisa let her emotions explode. “A song came being played during her funeral. Tears rolled down my cheeks again, it was the first time in ages that I had allowed it. I thought: Oh my God, there were years I cried every day in the car.”

Nevertheless, the sisters agree that lack does not decrease and acceptance does not come. “I hate people saying, ‘It’s good this way,'” Amy says. No, not good at all.” “Crying and laughing are very close to each other. This is crazy. When I feel happy, there is immediately an inability to share with it. So double.”

Lisa explains that she increasingly feels that she can share something with Isolde, even though she is no longer on Earth. “One of the first songs we’ve written for ourselves recently is about: This is you. Sometimes something happens that makes you suddenly feel her presence,” continues Shelley. “You tend to dismiss it right away, like: This doesn’t make sense, it’s just a coincidence. It might be a coincidence, but does it matter? It gives me hope and happiness.”

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No doubt, the loss of their mother is not diminishing now that the OG3NE sisters are in a feud with their father. Things haven’t worked out between them for a while, but what exactly happens, they’d rather stay inside.

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