NZXT introduces H5 coolers and a new CPU case – Computer – News

I have a good old NZXT H440 2nd Edition (from memory) and it has at least 12 3.5″/2.5″ slots.
These cabinets are roughly the same size.

The slots are so perfect because they are all removable (I took out 2 so I have more room behind my GPU) and are beautifully hidden behind a black border (side insert to save space).

It’s really a case of gaming and also in typical NZXT style.

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect some 3.5″ bays. At least one or two, if it’s for a RAID-only backup setup.

Why should your PC be just for gaming? Can’t your computer have everything? Mine is dedicated to graphic editing, programming, work and gaming and serves as a multimedia hub. Why do you necessarily have to allocate extra money for a NAS or that kind of thing when your computer can do everything just fine? It’s not as if your graphics work computer can’t play or vice versa. And if you can do both of those things with your computer, you can do just about anything left (what a consumer computer can do) as well. For me, this cabinet is off because I currently have 3 3.5″ slots in use. And yes, that’s on top of a NAS. That said, the NAS is off thanks to WD’s extremely short lifecycle, but I’ve used my 40TB of storage (including NAS) almost entirely and certainly don’t come up with tricky solutions just because the nice case doesn’t have 3.5″ slots.

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