February 6, 2023

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Nvidia will begin mass production of the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060Ti in the coming months – PC – News

This depends to some extent on supply and demand. According to data from Jon Peddie Research, graphics card sales hit a 20-year low in the third quarter of 2022. Nearly 6.9 million desktop graphics cards and a similar number of laptop GPUs shipped in the third quarter. From what I can find at Toms Hardware, AMD, Intel, and Nvidia shipped about 14 million standalone cards for desktops and laptops, down 42% year over year based on data from JPR.

Source via Tweakers:
The news: PC GPU shipments fell 19 percent in the first quarter of 2010″

I think you can clearly see that the stretch is over for many consumers from steam scan, where is the worst GTX 1650 has been taken over than the 1060. I think given the pricing of the remaining 4xxx series cards, the 4060 will not be a serious replacement for the 1060, 2060, 1650, or even the 3060 in the long run as long as the price stays that high. Time will tell and as long as demand goes down and supply stays the same, you would expect prices to eventually drop in a healthy market. But manufacturers have tasted during the Conura period the fact that consumers are willing to pay a lot more for a GPU than it’s actually worth in production stuff + and will, I think, be more careful about lowering prices as a result of that price as long as they can keep those margins.

Although Intel still has some problems with the Arc series, it’s good that there is now a third player in this segment, so that AMD and Nvidia have some competition in the “budget” segment. Although at the current prices, based on the known prices of the 40xx series and the price ratio between the previous series, you can no longer call these cards budget, but we hope that market forces and the current oversupply of 30xx cards will drive the price down. (To a large extent) … in favor of the consumer. Bang for bucks, in the current market and influx of miner cards, is also a great option to consider and you can already find the 3060 here at V&A and on Marktplaats for less than €300*.

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*Your mileage may vary
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