Nvidia raises GeForce NOW prices in Europe and Canada – Gaming – News

Now Nvidia cannot guarantee support for all games, But it is not at all easy to know whether it is possible to stream the game on GeForce via a vulnerable website or not. Everything should be possible via the app only and feel more plug and play.

This can be done without any problems via the application. However, manufacturers release updates, for example via Steam, and Nvidia generally has to follow, test, make adjustments and update.

But you’re right, there’s a lot that’s still special…hard…like, for example, signing up for MMO/online games every time instead. Just click and play, but I also understand why 1-2-3 doesn’t work, because… security/password management on shared servers.

If games are available on Geforce Now, they generally run well. There are regular issues with updates (not being available yet and then not being able to play), and it gets worse the more online the game gets, the more updates it gets and the more (un)popular the game becomes. With the MMO Dual Universe, for example, that was a big issue because we received a lot of updates and almost no one played it, so it seemed to have a lower priority, which I can understand. I definitely wouldn’t classify it as a beta product, I think your expectations are not close enough to reality.

In addition, the question is whether this product is really expensive. A one-year subscription to 4080 GFN costs €200 per year. How much does the 4080 cost with supplied PC + storage + power consumption? The 4080 still costs €1200, which alone will last you 6 years of streaming, but Nvidia has also upgraded the GPU every time a new one is released… Buy a 3080, after 2 years the purchase price is (most likely) 2 /3rd evaporates, then buy a new 4080, then another 5080, etc. And this price continues to rise if you want it yourself, and we are not even talking about other appliances and nowadays very important: electricity costs and in summer: heat (air conditioning costs more electricity and may not be able to handle the load at all)…

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On the other hand, there are major limitations: with your 4080, you can play what you want, how you want, with all the conveniences that entails. Not having to constantly log in to MMOs/online games, games that don’t run on GeforceNow, multi-clients, other non-gaming things like AI, being able to quickly update yourself, etc. There is no timer to log out if you are doing something else…

Personally, I’ve opted not to get a new video card/PC (for now) and I’ve noticed that I’ve started playing a lot of light games on my iGPU (4800u) or on my Steam Deck. Every now and then I turn on my GFN Priority and consider the ultimate subscription, and I was going to do that with the Starfield version, but since they were released only a week later on GFN, I had already seen the hype. And I started doing it / playing something else…

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