Nvidia improves DSR on RTX GPUs with AI to get higher frames per second – Computer – News

Nvidia will release a Deep Resolution Ultra Dynamic Learning on Friday, rendering the game at a higher resolution and then downscaling it to provide better image quality. Thanks to the AI, Dldsr should generate more frames per second than a regular DSR.

dldsr Only works on GeForce RTX GPUs It uses artificial intelligence to produce an image with “like image quality” with fewer input pixels than a normal DSR needs. Nvidia provides an example of Prey released in 2017, downsampling a 4K image to a 1080p image in DSR. The company claims to be able to produce a similar image using Dldsr if the 1620p image is downsized to 1080p.

The advantage is that in Dldsr 143 fps is achieved, while in DSR only 108 fps is achieved because higher resolutions must be offered first. Without the two technologies, 145 fps would be achieved. With Dldsr, a PC can produce better image quality, while frames per second stay roughly the same, Nvidia says.

DSR debuted in 2014. According to Nvidia, scaling technologies improve detail, provide smoother edges, and reduce gloss effects. Dldsr will be released on Friday with the new Game Ready driver and can be enabled within the Nvidia Control Panel. Then the new Freestyle filters created by the company with ReShade developer Pascal Gilcher will appear. For example, Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination, also known as Ray Tracing ReShade Filter, ssao and Dynamic DOF will come to GeForce Experience.

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