Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Review

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Review

After the arrival of the RTX 4090, now is the time for the GeForce RTX 4080. Nvidia once again brings a luxury and expensive video card to the market, but this time at a slightly lower price than the flagship released in mid-October. The manufacturer GeForce originally planned to release two different cards called “RTX 4080”, but later dropped them. In this review, we look at a potentially lifelike model like the RTX 4080, and compare the performance to a series of other video cards from both Nvidia and AMD.

Sedition and deception

Here I am a tech editor in a Q&A session after Nvidia’s RTX 40 announcement. I’m embarrassed that it seems to be missing completely from the world’s largest video card maker itself. Because how do you manage to issue two completely different video cards under the same name RTX 4080? Answer: “Because we found the high performance of both cards to be suitable for the x80 series product.” The response rolled on the tongue with such naturalness that it almost seems as if Nvidia believes in that same phrase.

Where the x80 series of GeForce video cards have been positioned below the true top model in the past and have offered a more or less acceptable performance ratio for enthusiasts, the RTX 4080 should not only cost 1,469 euros, but in the original it should be. Sharing its name with an inferior card based on a lower quality chip with much lower specs. Nvidia’s goal with this seemed clear: to entice potential buyers with the RTX 4080’s (faster) performance and tempt them with the price of the slower model. The performance of the RTX 4080 for the price of the RTX 4080, with the exception of one is not equivalent to the other.

video card RTX 4080 16GB 12 GB “RTX 4080”
CUDA cores 9728 7680
GPU AD103 (379 mm²) AD104 (295 mm²)
speed boost 2.51 GHz 2.61 GHz
memory 16 GB GDDR6X 12 GB GDDR6X
Memory bus 256 bit 192 bit
TBB 320 watts 285 W
release day November 15, 2022 November 2022 (canceled)
MSRP 1469 EUR €1099

The fact that Nvidia finally launched the slower 12GB version of the RTX 4080 will undoubtedly have a lot to do with AMD’s announced lineup as does all the feedback from gamers and hardware enthusiasts about the confusing, if misleading, AMD positioning of the two RTX 4080 cards. The manufacturer has in the past raised a finger to the consumer that is not the thumb, and the introduction of the RTX 4080 is further confirmation that the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what the customer just accepts.

The green light does not turn red

So what’s left is the “real” RTX 4080, with 16GB of memory and a larger GPU chip. The suggested retail price, which we will mention again, €1469, is unchanged. Due to inflation, the euro-dollar exchange rate and a series of decisions at Nvidia headquarters, the RTX 4080’s suggested retail price is double what the RTX 3080 was when it was launched in September 2020. Now we have to say that Nvidia’s suggested retail price is €719 for the RTX 3080. at that time Totally unreal It was, and only the lucky ones managed to get this video card for this amount shortly after its appearance.

However, the RTX 4080’s suggested retail price in Euros shows very well in what kind of world it ended up unfortunately. Additionally, Nvidia has been paying close attention to what its customers seem willing to pay for GeForce graphics cards over the past couple of years. Nvidia continues to build on its reputation for quality and superior features through its flagship strategy, with excellent suggested retail prices neatly matched across the wallet. Despite significantly increased competition from the Radeon camp in recent years, Nvidia’s market share appears to be barely suffering. The fact that the tech community breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out that the fake RTX 4080 was “cancelled” says enough about the impact of Nvidia’s self-boosting technologies and “walled gardens” on market share. Hooray, the only RTX 4080 is here!

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