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Nvidia has added some free trials to its GeForce Now game streaming service. This allows players with an account to try out the service. It doesn’t matter if they have an account from Steam, Epic Games, or any other associated platform.

Nvidia Adds Offers from today To GeForce now. First, there will be five demos available on the service, in the form of Chorus, Ghostrunner, Inscryption, Diplomacy Is Not Option, and The RiftBreaker: Prologue. Other demos should be available at a later time. Nvidia says developers are welcome to make such demos available on the service, provided the full game is eventually playable on GeForce Now, the company says. to the edge

The free trials were already playable on the platform, but users had to log into another platform, such as Steam, Epic Games or Ubisoft Connect. Additionally, users then had to specifically search for demos on those platforms to play them through GeForce Now. With instant demos, users just need to have an Nvidia account. Demos will also work on the free version of GeForce Now and should also automatically appear in the “Instant Play Free Demos” row in the GeForce Now app on all platforms.

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