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Nvidia has revealed which games on its Geforce Now game streaming platform have frame rate limits below 60. It comes across a dozen games, which Nvidia concludes “doesn’t provide a consistent high-quality experience” without these limits.

Users For example on Reddit We previously noted that some games on Geforce Now simply never exceed certain frame rates, even though the service is capable of displaying a maximum of 60 frames per second with a priority subscription. This post was a week ago and now Nvidia has a file List Posted. The worst cases are Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at up to 45 fps.

Nvidia explains that games will have “optimally playable settings” and that members who pay for the service can adjust these settings for each session. However, this does not apply to the games below: the frame rate cap always applies to them. In all likelihood, it also applies to free membership users. in show RTX 3080 Subscription These maximum limits do not apply, says nvidia to the edge.

Obviously, there is no option for gamers to lower the graphics settings for these games and use the liberated computing power to get a higher frame rate. The Priority plan offers roughly equivalent performance to an RTX 2080, which indicates that at least 60 frames per second should be achieved in some of these games if you turn off the bells and whistles.

Nvidia also tells The Verge that it cannot be ruled out that an RTX 3080 subscription will have to deal with these frame rate limits in the future, because it is “impossible to estimate what future games will be like on our server machine”. The new plan offers up to 1440p at 120fps on PC and with Shield TV, 4K with HDR is supported.

Game “Optimum Game Settings” (maximum frames per second) Since then…
brave 55 January 20
Soaring Phoenix Immortals 48 November 20
Cyberpunk 2077 movie 45 December 20
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 45 December 20
jurassic world evolution 50 February 21
Dyson Ambassador Program 50 February 21
Walheim 50 February 21
Exile Road 50 March 21
Outriders 50 March 21
Kenshi 50 May 21
Biomutant 50 May 21
dying light 50 June 21

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