Numbers season is about to start

Cijferseizoen komt flink op gang

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) The company’s results will largely determine the picture on trading floors next week.

Last week, earnings season began in the US, with a number of banks opening their books. The agenda will be empty on Monday, but on Tuesday Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will follow, as well as Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin.

In the middle of the week, Morgan Stanley became the last major US bank. Also on the list are Procter & Gamble and especially Netflix and Tesla.

On Thursday there will be interest in Nestlé, Manpower and Deliveroo. Friday is relatively quiet with only American Express.

In the Netherlands, earnings season is starting to pick up steam, following some preliminary results last week from companies like Ebusco, Fastned and TomTom.

Heavyweight ASML is due on Wednesday, as are Just Eat Takeaway and WDP. On Thursday according to Sligro and Nedap, among others, and on Friday there will be interest in Basic-Fit.

In Belgium, the earnings season only starts from Wednesday, with Barco, as well as WDP. Sebiv and Econocom are due to announce the figures on Thursday, but the agenda will be empty again on Friday.

In addition to the corporate agenda being well-filled, the macro agenda is also not empty at all.

On Monday, attention will be paid to the Empire State index from the United States, and on Tuesday the market will pay special attention to the ZEW index from Germany and retail sales from the United States.

Inflation figures will be released from the Eurozone on Wednesday, but the day begins with a series of macro numbers from China. In the US, oil stocks and the Fed’s Beige Book are at stake.

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This will be followed by the Philadelphia Fed and major indices on Thursday, as well as weekly support calls.

Inflation figures from Japan and producer prices from Germany will be released on Friday.

Furthermore, investors continue to monitor conditions in the Middle East, which is currently driving oil markets in particular.

Source: ABM Financial News

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