NSO Group targets NATO customers and dedicates 13 percent of its staff – Computer – News

Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group, which makes the Pegasus spyware, will reorganize. It will also have a new CEO and employees will be laid off. As part of that reorganization, the company plans to focus on NATO customers.

With the reorganization, the NSO Group wants to “make sure it remains one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies”, focusing on NATO member states as clients, write the company. according to The average Israeli globes NSO Group wants to cut about 100 jobs, about thirteen percent of current employees.

Globes further writes that the company owes debts that have been exacerbated by current economic problems and export restrictions. Since the end of last year May the maker of Pegasus Only exporting cyber weapons to 37 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, India and Japan.

As part of the reorganization, current CEO and co-founder Shalev Hulio will be leaving. Globes says that although he is stepping down as CEO, Hulio will remain involved with the company. Hulio will attempt to remove NSO Group from the US ban list, allowing it to do business in the US again. In addition, he was looking for buyers for the company. earlier New York Times Books That a US defense company wanted to buy the NSO Group.

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