NS: No trains until at least 8pm | the interior

NS: No trains until at least 8pm |  the interior

Only regional carriers’ itineraries are used, although travel information here is also not up to date. A NS spokesperson says an IT platform is down. ‚ÄúThere was no current travel information in the NS app this morning, but we are also currently seeing a system glitch connecting employees to trains. Normally this planning system is constantly updated, because it’s not working now, we made the difficult decision not to use trains until 8pm at least .. “

Anyone who has already started a journey will likely have to get off the train at the next stop. According to an NS spokesperson, NS buses will likely not be used, as many people are accommodating to take the train and so this is ‘not an option’.


There is no reason to believe that it is a possible breach of the system, NS can provide an additional report. The decision to stop driving is one you wouldn’t rather make, but not only did there not be up-to-date travel information for travelers, there were also issues behind the scenes. For example, this malfunction made it difficult to rearrange people and trains, for example, if there was a delay somewhere.

According to Amsterdam city radio AT5, quite a few international travelers are stranded at Amsterdam Central Station who have to fly from Schiphol, for example. Pictures show how long there is in front of the information desk.

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