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I don’t know if other people have this experience as well, but the current NPO app did not work well on my LG C1 TV.

It works fine on my LG TV! I also use the app a lot, and find it easier to work with than using the Cast app, with the added bonus that you can leave your phone behind.


I’ve always thought it was crazy that non-profits and other streaming providers would create their own app for every brand. NPO only offers this app for a few years, and then they recommend switching to Chromecast. It’s like buying a car, using the car radio for two years, and then being told to start singing yourself. Well, singing is fun, but why support for two years?

I’m afraid the only solution is for all TV manufacturers to abandon their own platforms and leave a few big platforms. It’s probably Google and Apple, but if you can count on support until your TV dies in 10 years, I see that as an improvement.

I recently took a look at the size of the apps for my TV and how small they are relative to Android. This can easily make a difference of 50 factors, so creating apps for TV can be very easy.

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