November Community Pokémon Day is the 4th generation Electric Pokémon

November Community Pokémon Day is the 4th generation Electric Pokémon

Niantic revealed in the new and first developer notes shared today when we anticipate Community Day in November. Namely, on November 21, we can search for an unknown Pokemon. However, we got a hint and it seems to reveal a lot already! It’s a Generation 4 Electric Pokemon, and there could be very few of them!

This is the 4th generation electric pokemon.

  • Chinx (the whole family)
  • electivery
  • Rotom

It doesn’t seem to be Electivire anyway, because it really is. It could be a Magnezone, but then of course it becomes a Magnemite (which is generation 1). Perhaps the most logical thing based on the hint is Shinx, something we are into from the podcast So I expected. So we have a strong suspicion that this Pokemon will come with Community Day. This is not certain yet!

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