Norwegian regulator: Meta fined for data transfer to US

Norwegian regulator: Meta fined for data transfer to US

Norway’s privacy regulator is arguing in favor of fining Meta for sending data from European users to the United States (US). The Irish privacy watchdog has already reprimanded Meta for this and wants the company to stop doing this. However, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) is unwilling to fine Meta.

Politics Norway’s Datatilsinet reports on a document it has filed with other European privacy regulators to fine Meta. The regulator fears there is ‘little reason’ for US companies to comply with European data law unless fines are imposed. Datatilsynet is left in the middle as to how high the fine should be.

Privacy Shield

The case revolves around the so-called Privacy Shield, an agreement that previously regulated the transfer of data from Europeans to the United States. In 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that Privacy Shield should not be used in a case filed by privacy activist Max Schrems. However, it is still possible to use so-called standard clauses.

However, the DPC concluded in July that the use of the clauses used by Meta is also impermissible. The company expressed its concerns and threatened to withdraw its services from Europe. However, the DPC has not yet imposed any sanctions; No fines or penalties have been incurred. The Norwegian regulator is now voicing its concerns about this, and is arguing that fines should be imposed.

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