North Korea has warned against US and South Korean military exercises

North Korea has warned against US and South Korean military exercises

The joint exercises, which will take place between March 13 and 23, are expected to be the largest between the US and South Korea in two years. The focus is on strengthening their defenses against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats.

Kim’s powerful sister, who has often publicly lashed out at both allies, says the situation is being monitored and action could be taken at any time if Pyongyang deems it necessary. He added that Pyongyang sees North Korea’s downing of an intercontinental ballistic missile over international waters as a “clear declaration of war”.

South Korea expects to test a new intercontinental ballistic missile soon. The missile could be launched into the Pacific Ocean. The last time a North Korean missile landed in this area was in October 2022. The US and its allies have never shot down a North Korean missile. These missiles are in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

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