North Korea confirms successful hypersonic missile test abroad

North Korea confirms successful hypersonic missile test  abroad

Elsewhere in the world, the trial has already been criticized, including by the United States and the United Nations, following a report from South Korea. According to South Korean military spokesmen, the giant plane flew at a maximum speed of 12,250 kilometers per hour. This was the second test in a week.

Hypersonic missiles are five times faster than sound, which means that current defense systems cannot or can barely intercept them. But its range is shorter than the so-called ballistic missiles.

7350 kilometers per hour

South Korea claims that the new missile is superior to the one launched by North Korea on January 5. It had a speed of 7350 kilometers per hour and a distance of 700 kilometers. The South Korean government called on its Stalinist neighbor to return to the negotiating table.

The UN Security Council has already met at the request of the permanent members from the United States, France and Great Britain to discuss the launch last week. North Korea was asked to “refrain from further destabilizing actions.” They say North Korea should finally begin serious talks on denuclearization.

The launches follow a speech by dictator Kim Jong Un, who said that North Korea will continue to build up its arsenal. According to Western observers, this stands in stark contrast to the economic crisis in the isolated country.

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