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Death Stranding’s protagonist Norman Reedus anticipates the arrival of a second game in the franchise. The actor recounts this in an interview with IGN Brazil. According to Reedus, negotiations are currently underway for a Death Stranding sequel.

“I think we’re doing Death Stranding again,” Reedus tells an interviewer. IGN Brazil During an episode in the eleventh season of The Walking Dead. “The game is now in negotiations,” he added. No other details were provided. Given that negotiations are still ongoing, it is unlikely that a purported sequel will appear any time soon.

Reedus starred in Death Stranding, as courier Sam Porter Briges. A sequel to that game hasn’t been officially announced yet, but boss Hideo Kojima’s said. in 2019 Eagle He would “start from scratch” if he did a sequel to Death Stranding with Reedus.

Kojima’s next project has not yet been announced, but there have been rumors about a new title from the well-known director for some time. An employee at Kojima Productions stated in March that Kojima will be showing off a new game relatively soon, writes VGC. Norman Reedus He said last year Already he is in talks with Kojima for a new game. However, there are also rumors that Kojima It was going to work on the Xbox game.

Death Stranding was released for PS4 in late 2019 and was also released for PC last year. The game has since sold more than five million copies and will receive a copy of Director’s Cut next month with additional content for PS5. PS4 users can also purchase the new content for ten euros, but it is not yet known if the expansion will also reach the PC version.

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