No salary increase, however: Jeroen Pao earns handsomely from real estate

No salary increase, however: Jeroen Pao earns handsomely from real estate

In addition, the proposed deal would include that broadcaster BNNVARA would have to guarantee the purchase of at least €500,000 worth of Op1 episodes from Jeroen’s production company. Although the broadcaster did not sign this deal, the program was eventually given to production company Jeroen without batting an eyelid! This situation is now being investigated by the Media Authority, but in the meantime, Jeroen’s money machine is running full speed in other areas…

additional earnings

The presenter also seems to be making extra money in the Amsterdam housing market. Story could previously mention that Jeroen bought her dream apartment in Amsterdam IJ for €950,000. In addition, he has a luxury apartment in the center of the same municipality in one of the western islands, which he bought for 687,500 euros. And he won’t regret it for now, because Geron knows how to take full advantage of the housing market emergency. The house is rented for 2,200 euros per month!

Photo: Peter Smulders

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