No more money from Brussels to Hungary

No more money from Brussels to Hungary


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  • Kecia Hexter

    EU Correspondent

  • Kecia Hexter

    EU Correspondent

Not a single cent of EU money should go to Hungary as long as this country does not have the rule of law. who – which Three professors recommend, including Dutchman John Morijn, to the European Parliament. All three say stopping all Brussels subsidies is the only way to properly protect the EU budget.

The report says Hungary has been misusing EU money for more than a decade, and there is no independent monitoring of its spending. The report states that the danger lies in the misuse of all subsidies offered by Brussels.

Hungary is the largest recipient of the aid

Corruption in Hungary has been a thorn in the side of Brussels for years. At the end of April, the commission began For the first time a measure that could lead to the termination of EU subsidies for your land, the so-called “rule of law mechanism”. This is possible if the rule of law and with it the Brussels billions of a country are endangered.

Hungary is the EU’s largest net recipient by the size of its economy. The country receives billions from Brussels every year. The legal advice is crystal clear: the Commission should not pay all these billions anymore.

The Commission is not obligated to adopt the advice, but it must submit a proposal on the reduction to the 27 member states of the European Union. After that, a majority of those states should support the proposal. This is expected to take at least a few months.

Left to Right Support

There is broad support among Dutch MEPs for the advice to stop the support. He can count on enthusiasm from left to right. Thijs Reuten (PvdA): “As long as the European Union funds Orbán, we will facilitate his unlimited hunger for power.” Malek Azmani (VVD) agrees. “It is now up to the European Commission to go ahead and suspend the payments. Specifically to protect European cooperation.”

Tineke Strik (GroenLinks) stresses the importance of stopping all support. “If the Commission now decides to freeze only a very small molecule, it will have the opposite effect. Then Hungary knows it is free to do whatever it wants, and then it knows itself with impunity.”

lack of love

Relations between Hungary and the European Union have been difficult for years. “Why don’t you leave the European Union?” Last June, Mark Rutte directed his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orban, over the so-called anti-gay law, which stipulates, among other things, that there should be no “advertisement” made of homosexuality for minors.

The lack of love between Brussels and Budapest is mutual. On his re-election night in early April, Orbán said: “Our victory is so great that you can see it from the moon. And all the way from Brussels. Hungary first. Long live Hungary, long live Hungarians.” If the Commission does indeed withhold the funds later this year, that relationship will be further tested.

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