February 8, 2023

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No more hope for Nepalese plane crash survivors

No more hope for Nepalese plane crash survivors

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Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of yesterday’s plane crash in Nepal, but police say the chances of finding them are slim. A police spokesman told the BBC: “It is unlikely that any survivors will be found.” Body parts are still at the scene.

In the Plane crash At least 68 of the 72 passengers were killed near the tourist city of Pokhara. The cause of the disaster is still not clear. Pictures on social media show the plane flying low above the ground in clear weather near an airport in Pokhara and then suddenly turning over. Shortly afterwards the plane hit the ground and caught fire.

Since yesterday, a major search and rescue operation has been underway at the disaster site, which is partly in a valley, with hundreds of relief workers. “We will remove the five bodies that are still in the valley and we will continue to search for the four people who are still missing,” a police official told Reuters news agency.

Found black boxes

Meanwhile, the black boxes of the Yeti Airlines ATR 72 engine, where the flight and conversation data were recorded, were also found. The hope is that they can provide more clarity about the cause of the disaster. Today’s search has been delayed due to still fog in the valley.

In addition to the investigation announced by the government, Prime Minister Prachanda has declared the day a national day of mourning. Meanwhile, the bodies of 53 Nepalese and 15 foreign passengers have been identified and handed over to their relatives.

Foreign occupiers came from India, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, Ireland, Australia and France. There were also four Yeti Airlines employees on board.

The deadliest plane crash in years

Air disasters are commonplace in Nepal: since 2000, nearly 350 people have died in plane and helicopter accidents. The Himalayan country located between India and China is very mountainous, which means that planes often have to land on short runways in difficult conditions. Weather conditions in the mountains can also change quickly.

Yesterday’s disaster is the deadliest in Nepal since 1992, when 167 people were killed when a Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a mountain while trying to land near Kathmandu.

Mount Everest

Despite international concerns about the Nepalese fleet, the country’s aviation industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Planes and helicopters fly in and out, especially around Valhalla Pokhara for climbers and trekkers. There are many flights to hard-to-reach climbing sites, and Yeti Airlines, for example, runs special panoramic flights from Kathmandu along Mount Everest.