Nintendo responds to criticism over N64 emulation for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo responds to criticism over N64 emulation for Nintendo Switch

If Nintendo Switch owners can agree on one thing, it’s the quality of Nintendo’s comprehensive Switch Online subscription. The main part of the service, the Nintendo 64 emulator, has audio and graphics issues that can’t be written about at home. Nintendo of America president Doug Boswire responded to the criticism.

He said in an interview with Bowser that he takes the whole issue very seriously the edge. In the interviews, Bowser talked about sales numbers for the new OLED model of the Nintendo Switch, but also about Joy-con drift problems and the N64 emulator’s disappointing performance.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our features and those online games and continue to add value through more services and more games as we go forward. We take feedback very seriously, and continue to look for ways to improve overall performance. For us, it’s all about quality and great content at a great value.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack – which comes with that name – has been available since last month and has been met with a lot of criticism. The price ($39 per month) was a point of frustration for fans, but emulation issues and missing features like button mapping made them even angrier. Meanwhile, the YouTube subscription trailer generated the most hate ever on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Some games have a noticeable audio delay, which means there is a millisecond between movement and the accompanying sound. Very annoying! And that the emulator struggles even with the fog in Ocarina of Time is, of course, also outrageous. A player came across the next Mario Kart 64 when he wanted to play online with three of his friends.

Therefore, Nintendo has a lot to fix with its subscription service, which allows players to emulate SEGA Mega Drive titles in addition to the N64. However, according to another datamin At least two dozen new N64 titles are on the way to service.

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