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If you mean the two years in the Netherlands, this is not correct. As a consumer, you have a legal right to a healthy product. Two years were never defined in this way. This means that the product must have the characteristics that you can reasonably expect on the basis of the purchase agreement. The product you buy must be good. If not, the seller must repair the product, issue a new one, or refund. THIS IS A LEGAL WARRANTY POINT. Unless the seller can prove that the product broke your fault or you can’t prove beyond the one-year legal warranty that it wasn’t your fault that the product broke.

A gaming console like the Switch is a product where you can expect a life expectancy of more than two years (although you might argue about the thumbs up on the console). provides a trouble-free life of 2-5 years for a laptop, for example. However, after a period of x, you should be able to prove that you are not the culprit, as I also indicated above. However, the warranty is still there and they simply have to fix the defective product.

It is a pity, as I have also pointed out, that it makes it difficult for the selling party not to dare many consumers to claim their rights. Unfortunately, getting your right through legal process costs money, time and energy that many don’t have, and therefore it is purchased from the seller party, as is now the case with this repair contract and AppleCare is also an example of a rights waiver of your rights. It should be quite often.

Product life expectancy
An important aspect of what you can reasonably expect from a product is how long the product should operate without the need for repair. This is also known as the problem-free life or the technical life of the product.

Determining a product’s hassle-free life is a tricky business, as it depends on the type of product, brand and price, among other things. For example, on the website, the problem-free life of a desktop computer, laptop and hard drive is set from 2 to 5 years. Thus, whether the laptop should work without any problems for two or five years depends on the brand and price.

When does the product not meet the conformity requirements?

A product does not meet conformity requirements if it does not perform what you can reasonably expect from the product. This is the case if the product:
Wrong product (eg different type and number)
– incomplete ,
– Consists ,
– broken whether it works intermittently or not,
– collapses during life expectancy, or
– You cannot do with it what the seller told you (or in the manufacturer’s advertisement and brochure).


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I may be confusing warranty and statutory warranty (conformity), but these are two separate concepts. In addition, there is a factory warranty (such as cars or solar panels that can last more than ten years), but I do not refer to that now, because it is not suitable now.

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