Niantic will deal with cheaters much more difficult and early gamers have already noticed!

Niantic will deal with cheaters much more difficult and early gamers have already noticed!

In all Niantic games like Pikmin Bloom and Pokémon GO, there are cheaters. in The last podcast Dennis and I went into detail about this. And with cheats, you should consider not only impersonation, but also scanners, using multiple accounts and giving other players your account information, for example, it falls under cheating (there are many, by the way).

A large part of cheating methods are hardly detectable or not detected at all. Multiple accounts can be suspected, but Niantic cannot see them. Just like using scanners or exchanging data. The latter can be detected if both players are logged in at the same time. However, last week Niantic announced that it would be tougher on cheaters. This will basically mean that scammers are dealt with, as this is recognizable.

Over the past year, Niantic has used it to better get to know players who are making fun. This is an important part of the process as players who have not cheated in the past are also dealt with. Niantic still uses the principle of three strikes. The first time players receive a warning and a simple stop. The second time after a bigger warning and ban and the third time the account is deleted.

In the coming period, many scammers (according to Niantic) will notice that the procedures work better. The first messages are shown from players who have already been banned online. We’re curious if Niantic will actually go ahead. Our well-known scammer has been blocked about ten times, but has not completely lost his account. Although Niantic says so. And while many scammers also spend a lot of money, we hope Niantic doesn’t see this as a reason to pay less attention to this.

You can read the full article from Niantic via the source!

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