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I didn’t expect to get an answer so quickly on A question I asked last week Loud about the utility and popularity of games.

Ingress (2013), Pokémon Go (2016), Ingress Prime (Edit: Although this is an update of the first, 2018), Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (2019, discontinued this year), Pikmin Bloom (2021) and now the NBA All-Global. It’s strange how Niantic tries to keep (almost) all of these games alive since they all have a similar gameplay and experience. Especially considering transformers: heavy metals and aquamarine are also in the pipeline. If a franchise like Harry Potter doesn’t work out, I’m really wondering how good an NBA game will be, especially outside of the US.

By scrapping this game with “sort of the same gameplay,” the other titles will at least get a little more breathing room. The feasibility of Pokémon Go (sales volume in 2020 was 917 million and $904 million in 2021) will make them stand out as a studio for the time being, they themselves indicate, so expect rather bad weather in the coming years. I have a feeling Ingress and Pokemon Go will soon be the only ones left.

In an email to employees, reported by Bloomberg, CEO John Hanke said the company needed to cut costs to better prepare for “the economic storms that may lie ahead.”

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