Niantic announces Litten Community Day for March

Niantic kondigt Litten Community Day aan voor maart

Next month’s Litten Community Day has just been announced. This means that it is the turn of the next Pokemon, known as the starter. Not surprisingly, after it was Rowlett’s turn in January. The following details have been announced:

  • The event will take place on March 16 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • The weed is more common in the wild and can be shiny for the first time
  • Incineroar gains a new attack called Blast Burn through evolution or when captured
  • Additionally, Incineroar will get Darkest Lariat as a new attack from the event, which is not exclusive to the event
  • You can purchase an exclusive Litten Community Day special quest story for 99 cents
  • The following rewards are active during the event:
    • 3x XP for catching Pokemon
    • Double candy to catch Pokemon
    • Double chance for XL Candy to catch Pokemon
    • The magic lasts three hours during the event
    • The incense lasts for three hours during the event
    • You will get a surprise when you take a screenshot
    • You can make additional special trades during the event
    • Special deals cost only half the cost of Stardust
    • There are additional raid battles during the five hours following the event
    • There are special field research and exhibitions
    • There are special packages and private labels

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