December 1, 2022

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News from Perkland பங்கு Stock market rises as US opens its borders

By the authors on 10/28/2021

Region – U.S. officials announced in September that foreign travelers with ESTA or visas would be allowed to return to the country from November. Following these announcements, stock prices of airlines and airports rose immediately.

Stock price rise
After the announcement by US officials, Lufthansa recorded an increase in the number of flights booked to the United States. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Europe. With Lufthansa, three times more flights were booked a week to the United States than the previous week. The most popular destinations are New York and Miami. Other airlines, including British-Spanish Airlines International Airlines, have responded enthusiastically to the US government’s decision to reopen the border.

Not only the prices of the airlines but also the prices of the airports have gone up drastically. For example, Fraport’s shares – the company that operates Frankfurt am Main Airport – rose no less than four percent. The opening of US borders is also having a positive effect on companies outside the travel industry. The entry ban caused delays in deliveries in many sectors and made international cooperation very difficult due to the impossibility of business travel.

The travel ban ended a year and a half later
In March 2020, U.S. authorities announced an entry ban on all travelers to Schengen or the United Kingdom, 14 days before arriving in the United States. The only exceptions were travelers with US citizenship, permanent residents of the United States and their immediate family members. In addition, travelers traveling in the national interest and those with an urgent need to travel to the United States were allowed. All other travelers are welcome only if they have stayed for 14 days in a country outside the Schengen area. This entry ban applies to valid visas or individuals There is. In addition to an ESTA, they required additional accreditation from the US Embassy or Consulate (National Interest Exception, NIE), indicating that their trip to the United States was very urgent.

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With ESTA to the United States from November
From November, it will be possible for tourists and business people to return to the United States. However, some restrictions still apply. Just like before a corona infection, you have to apply for an ESTA or visa before departure. ESTA can be easily applied for online and will be approved and sent by email within a few hours. To apply for a visa, you must make an appointment at the US Consulate. It is recommended to check that first Conditions of ESTA Has met.

In addition to an ESTA or visa, travelers can prove they have been fully vaccinated since November. It is not yet fully known which vaccines will be accepted, but it is expected that US authorities will approve all vaccines used in Europe (including AstraZeneca). In addition, all passengers must undergo a corona test before departure. The exact date on which the borders will be opened is not yet known. Keep the next page about it Travel with Carnavirus and ESTA Get to know the latest developments.