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The state of New York in the United States has passed the right to amend the law, which is widely referred to as ‘digital electronic goods’. To this end, tools, parts and instructions should be available to consumers and independent repairers.

Is in New York According to The Verge The first U.S. state to enact a repair law that is most widely applied to electronics. Other states came up with the same laws, but focused on cars or electric wheelchairs. This obligation applies to any manufacturer who sells goods in the state.

The law is partly thanks to President Joe Biden last year Executive Order The technology companies spent on the FTC to write new rules to address the repair restrictions imposed on third parties.

Even if the law is in force in a remote state, its effect can be felt here as well. The main impact will be in the area of ​​repair manuals. These will no doubt be available in digital form in the state, after which distribution worldwide will be a children’s game. The only alternative for anti-duty companies is to stop selling their products in New York, which has a population of nearly 20 million.

Another possible global advantage is that there is an arrangement in the law to override the software link between the motherboard and the smartphone screen. Also known as ‘DRM on parts’. These tools can find their way out of New York as well. However, Europe is not completely dependent on New York: so does the European Parliament For a while it was hard for the right to repair

The law is not yet firmly valid. The New York Senate has passed the bill, which now needs to be signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, he says. According to iFixit ‘Expected to do’. One year after that signature was signed, the law officially came into force.

Exceptions to the law are ‘public safety equipment’ such as home appliances, medical equipment, police radios, farm equipment and ‘off-road equipment’.

Samsung Galaxy S22 (Source: iFixit)

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