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Adobe today released new versions of Lightroom via Creative Cloud. In desktop version 5.4, it is possible to perform editing effects on videos, adjust the intensity of presets, and copy AI effects to other images, among other things.

Adobe has released new versions of Lightroom. It’s about the regular Lightroom version, the app, and to a lesser extent also the classic version. At a demonstration under ban, attended by Tweakers, it was explained, among other things, that it is now also possible to apply editing effects to videos. It’s not about editing like in Premiere, like using a timeline, but about well-known tools that are also used for photos. According to Adobe, this makes editing much easier because users are familiar with photo options, which can also be applied to video images. Consider adjusting exposure, contrast, color temperature, highlights, and shadows. Another advantage is that it can be done in one go, so that photos and videos look the same. Edits can also be made via the Lightroom mobile app.

New ‘Preset amount’ slider

The new version contains fifty additional presets or presets. This makes it possible, for example, to quickly make a mask of the sky or a theme with the help of artificial intelligence. During adaptive theme or –sky The AI ​​itself searches for the subject, edits only that part of the image and leaves the rest as is. A new addition is Preset amount slider† This allows the preset strength to be adjusted afterwards, by increasing or decreasing it. Therefore, it is often not necessary to visit all the tools individually. It is also possible to copy the AI ​​effect to other photos. So far, this mask can be copied, but the user had to set it again. Now the effect, such as sky detection and adjustment, is automatically applied to multiple photos, with AI recalculating for each individual photo.

Lightroom automatically detects and adjusts photos

In addition, Lightroom now includes a Lightroom Classic comparison window, where two individual photos can be compared side-by-side or below each other – both complete and at pixel level. The red-eye tools are also carried over from the classic version, but an auto-correction button has also been added.

The Classic comparison window is now also in regular Lightroom

Lightroom Classic also gets the above Preset amount slider. Automatically masking a theme or sky has been possible for some time. In addition, the magnifying glass information, containing, for example, the file name and some exif information, can now be set independently in library and development mode. This makes it possible to display other information or hide the magnifying glass in a certain position. The GPU is now also used to export images, which means that this will be done much faster.

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