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Nieuwe ban reizen uit de VS

New ban on travel from the United States

The European Union (EU) on Monday removed the United States, Israel and four other countries from the Corona list. Passengers from these countries should be subjected to additional testing and isolation as soon as they arrive.

This is the decision of the Council of the European Union, which has all 27 member states at the ministerial level. Although individual nations can decide for themselves whether to accept the ruling, there will be no vote against Brussels on Monday.

Due to the rising incidence of infections in the above countries, citizens are no longer allowed to simply travel to the EU, except for ambassadors and other specialized occupations. Strict restrictions previously in place will soon be re-enacted.

Many infections
In addition to the United States and Israel, it is concerned with the new entry barrier for citizens of Montenegro, northern Macedonia, Lebanon and Kosovo. Of all these countries, the number of epidemics has risen in recent weeks, with the 27 member states of the European Union no longer taking responsibility for free travel. Only ‘essential transport’ will be allowed soon; The new rules are expected to be implemented everywhere this week.

According to the EU, ‘safe’ means that 100,000 people in a country should not have more than 75 new corona infections daily in two weeks. The United States was on top of this: 333 positive tests, which applies to Israel (621) and the other four countries.

For airlines and travel companies, especially in Europe, this growth is a severe blow. The biggest pain is in the US market. U.S. borders have been largely closed to European travelers since the spring of 2020, but with the relatively high vaccination rate in the United States, it only seemed a short time before air traffic was allowed again. Now is the reverse: most travel traffic, back and forth, will soon be stopped again.

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Not vaccinated
According to experts, the problem lies in the large group that refuses to be vaccinated. In the United States, it accounts for one-third of adults. Now research shows that Americans who stay in hospitals with corona or die from it are almost never vaccinated without exception. This group of people keeps the virus alive, thus putting them at risk of infection.

Israel, which was still leading in the number of vaccines last spring, faces the same problem of stagnation. Here the group of mainly Orthodox Jews is against the needle.

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