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The latest version of the PlayStation 5 has a smaller motherboard, a revised cooling system, and a different SSD expansion slot. As a result of these modifications, in addition to weight, electricity consumption also decreased. The appearance of the PS5 has not changed.

YouTube Austin Evans Received the latest PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, version 1200, who appeared in Australia last month. He disassembled the device and compared the internal parts with previous versions of the console, versions 1000 and 1100. Version 1100 was In 2021 Introduced and already appeared a smaller heatsink.

The comparison shows that the motherboard of the last review has become smaller by about 5 cm. The motherboard will also receive a new layout where the internal CMOS battery is now placed under the regenerative heatsink as well. According to Evans, this variable design makes removing the battery more difficult. The YouTuber states that users will have to completely disassemble the device for this.

The cooling of the console has also been changed. A heat pipe has been added on the back of the motherboard, but the PS5 version 1200 generally has a smaller heatsink compared to previous versions. The SSD expansion slot has also been changed. From the photos it can be concluded that the lock now houses a metal plate through which heat is better dissipated. In earlier versions of the PS5, a printed circuit board could be seen there.

Evans compares the weight and power consumption of the three different versions of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Version 1000, according to his findings, weighed 3,817 kg and had a consumption of 218 watts during the operation of the Astro’s Playground. The first version of the PS5, the Model 1100, weighs 3,547 kg and consumes an average of about 229 watts in the same test. The latest modification, model 1200, weighs 3,302 kg and consumes 201 watts. Sound production will be roughly the same across all versions. The PlayStation 5 version 1200 was already observed in Australia last month. It is not clear when the PS5 version will go on sale in other parts of the world.

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