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The U.S. Congress has passed legislation that would allow victims of sexual abuse in the workplace to bring their claims to court more quickly by invalidating certain terms in employment contracts.

Last modified: February 14, 2022, 13:34

Law Compulsory arbitration decision of the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act, Prohibits the use of clauses in employment contracts that prevent employees from engaging in assault or sexual harassment. Such arbitration rules are designed to protect offenders.

One of the most visible champions of this bill is former Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson. He sued Roger Isles in 2016 For sexual harassmentCarlson claims to have been fired for rejecting his sexual advancements.

Due to the arbitration award, Carlson was unable to sue his employer. “Fortunately, Fox News was not a separate entity, and my lawyer came up with a strategic plan to sue Roger Ayles personally. It was an attempt to avoid arbitration and at least make my case public,” Carlson said.

Since 2016, Carlson has been campaigning for a ban on these arbitrators and non-disclosure rules. The lawsuit against Ayles has had a knock-on effect, with numerous revelations of other scandals in the media. The broad focus gave strength to the international MeToo movement. Carlson calls the new law “success.”

The law is also seen as one of the largest workplace reforms in American history.

US President Joe Biden has not yet signed the bill, but he has already expressed his support for it. More on NPRCNN

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