New iPhones automatically call the emergency number on the roller coaster

New iPhones automatically call the emergency number on the roller coaster

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Automatic accident detection for the new generation of iPhones and Apple Watches also appears to work while riding on a roller coaster.

The The Wall Street Journal She writes about an American woman who was on a rollercoaster, and when she came out she received several missed calls from the control room asking if everything was OK.

The new iPhone 14 (Pro) and Apple Watches that were launched on the market last month have a function that detects if the owner is in a car accident.

A message will then appear on the screen and if the user does not respond, the emergency number will be called automatically after 20 seconds. The control room receives automatically To hear the notification with the accident site.

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But sometimes this is a false alarm. According to the newspaper, there are more cases of iPhones calling the emergency number in theme parks, but there are also cases of iPhones that sounded the alarm after being dropped while driving.

An Apple spokesperson told the newspaper that the phone’s accident detection algorithm was trained using “millions of hours of data from accidents, regular rides and crash test labs” and that the feature was “extremely accurate”.

The algorithm may be improved in future updates. Until then, there are theme parks that warn visitors with signs to turn off the feature while riding a roller coaster.

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