New Apple TV 4K costs less and starts with 64GB storage – Picture and Sound – News

In terms of GPU power, it’s starting to look like a decent console! The Apple A15 got a Geekbench Metal score of around 14,200 in the iPhone 13 Pro. Where the A12 scored around 5400.

The efficiency gains of the A15 Bionic eliminate the need for an internal fan, resulting in a more compact design

They’ve removed the fan from the Apple TV, which can be a little lower for sustainable performance.

The feature set also looks good: new HDMI 2.1 (maximum 4K 60fps HDR, so no 120Hz unfortunately) and support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Unfortunately there is no AV1 decoding, this could become something else with Youtube in the future.

The Ethernet model also has thread network support, allowing it to function as a frontier router in a material-based smart home network.

In the Netherlands, the price drop is unfortunately lower, because Apple also incorporates the weak exchange rate of the euro against the dollar into the new price for this product. So the price of the previous Apple TV 64 GB was 219 euros, and the new 169 euros. This decreased by 22.8%, while in the US, the price went from $199 to $129, down 35.2%.

The new Apple TV still looks great, especially compared to its predecessor.

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