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I’m tired of people blindly opposing the car and continuing to knock on trains. People don’t want to switch. People don’t want to be in the coop like a bunch of chickens. People often want to carry more things than they can carry with them at once. People want to be able to travel in their familiar places. How do you solve that? To every village a track with a key and very short private trains? Geez, they look like electric cars on rails. Oh yes.

Just to be 100% clear on my situation:
– As much public transportation as possible in a densely populated area
– Minimal number of major highways: only to connect densely populated areas, the rest can be done with regional roads
Make existing methods as efficient as possible

Letting AI drive make roads more efficient. Computer controlled cars can drive 200 km/h with 50 cm between each car. If that means stricter road marking, it’s worth it. Then you can also immediately create a power supply infrastructure. (Just like train tracks, yes, only without having to follow the rails ;) )

The villages will be reached primarily by car for a long time to come. Within Randstad, cars are almost not necessary, if public transportation improves and heavy things become easier to transport for short distances, it could eventually be 100% free of private cars. But cars will remain the preferred solution for a long time to get from A to B with all your belongings and friends/family in one go, so we better make sure that they are as safe, efficient and as clean as possible.

If you have a better idea of ​​what isn’t a dip in driving your own car, I’d love to hear it, but I wish you success because highways already exist and the transition to self-driving electrification is virtually free in terms of infrastructure compared to all other solutions.

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