Network with Putin shell companies exposed: $4.28 billion | Abroad

Network with Putin shell companies exposed: $4.28 billion |  Abroad

Homes and other properties are reportedly being used by Putin. The newspaper found out that these properties are officially owned by different owners, companies and charities, but they can be linked to each other through the same email domain name:

Many email exchanges also show that different owners talk about one umbrella organization at a time. From before Watchman It quoted a Russian anti-corruption expert confirming that it appears that the domain name was created as a cooperative, where participants could exchange benefits and real estate.

Putin has been accused of amassing a fortune for many years, while the Russian state says he owns very little in reality. Nothing more than a small apartment, two Soviet-era cars and a small garage. However, publications from Pandora’s Leaves have shown, among other things, that its environment is very rich. Now it’s Putin’s turn.

Putin Bank

The domain name is on a server owned by the Moskomsvyaz telecom company, which has close relations with the Bank of Russia. St Petersburg Bank is subject to Western sanctions and has been described by the US Treasury as “the personal bank of senior officials of the Russian Federation”. Also known as “Putin’s Bank”.

A decade ago, Russian businessman Sergei Kolesnikov claimed he was behind a massive program that diverted billions from Russian oligarchs for Putin’s benefit. These charges were dismissed and the man fled Russia.

fake companies

It will concern 86 land and properties under the same domain name. But the research by OCCRP and the Russian news site medusa Many of these companies hardly do business at all. For example, there will be a fake rental, for example, Villa Sellgren in the north of Saint Petersburg and there is an airline on which flights cannot be booked. According to researchers in the British newspaper, this is just a small selection and the fraud scandal is many times bigger.

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