Network operators: “The Cabinet must now decide the future of heavy industry” | climate

Network operators: "The Cabinet must now decide the future of heavy industry" |  climate

Gettin should create clarity

However, network operators really want to know what they have to take into account going forward. “This is not a volunteer study,” Oscam warns. “This is a very important basis for our material investments.” Different visions of the future require different types of infrastructure. Network operators spend billions of euros to install all those cables and pipelines.

In one scenario, more hydrogen tubes are needed, while in another the focus is on electricity. Network operators want to know as quickly as possible where that infrastructure is needed and which industrial zones are the first to act.

Minister Rob Gettin (Climate and Energy) will present a national plan for the future of the energy system before summer. “Hopefully, the options we identified will be there,” says Oscam.

The country is going through a lot of scooping

In any case, the country needs an overhaul. In addition to the well-known wind turbines and solar panels, we will also have to install several battery farms. They store electricity when the wind blows or the sun shines. When the weather is bad, they actually save energy.

In all scenarios, we will also produce a lot of hydrogen. We store it underground in ancient salt caves. It can be used in industry or to generate electricity in converted natural gas plants.

Network operators warn that the necessary changes must be made at a rapid pace. “With the way we operate in the country now, these scenarios are not feasible,” said Martin Afmann, one of the study’s authors. For example, grid operators want permits to be issued faster to build energy projects.

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