Netherlands extradits Russian crypto money fraudster to US

Nederland levert Russische crypto witwasser uit aan de Verenigde Staten

Denis Mihaclovis Dubnikov, an accused crypto money launderer, was extradited to the United States by the Netherlands. announced thisDepartment of Justice‘. The 29-year-old Russian is scheduled to appear in court in Portland, Oregon on October 4.

Dubnikov has already appeared in court this week. So on October 4, the trial will begin and last for five days. If convicted, Dubnikov faces up to 20 years in prison.

A Justice Department press release details how Dubnikov and his accomplices are suspected of embezzling the ransom. The money they received after that Ryuk ransomware attack This Ryuk ransomware is a piece of software that has targeted thousands of victims worldwide. Through these attacks, Dubnikov allegedly swindled more than $400,000. It was part of a much larger conspiracy that stole a total of about $70 million in ransoms.

“After receiving the ransom, Ryuk members, Dubnikov and his accomplices and others involved in the conspiracy allegedly made various financial transactions. This includes international financial transactions to conceal the nature, source, location, ownership and control of the ransom.

Crypto Hacks

You can read how in last week’s Crypto Insiders Crypto Hacks According to data from SonicWall, has increased. The crypto security firm spoke about the number of crypto thefts recorded in January. During that month, $18.4 million was obtained through crypto hacks.

In earlier times altcoin news How was also announced Solana (SOL) was hit by a hack. With Hack, 20 Wallets affected per minute.

We are called a bear market. It’s of little or no benefit to most people, but criminals don’t care. Expressed in dollars, crypto crime has meanwhile declined somewhat, but transaction volume has increased.

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