Netherlands extradits 32-year-old Syrian suspect to US Domestically

Netherlands extradits 32-year-old Syrian suspect to US  Domestically

The Telegraph spoke in detail with Jacob, the father of a girl who had previously been abused at the age of 9. Jacob and his wife from Syria noticed in 2016 that something was wrong with their daughter. Hussein A., a distant relative and friend. Suspected on. “When the boy came to the United States ten years ago, I helped him,” Jacob told the newspaper. “He came to our house often. We went on trips.”

Hussein A. The textbook of an excellent integrated asylum seeker was considered an example. After coming to the United States from Damascus, he soon made a career in aerospace engineering. He delivered a speech for the benefit of Syrian refugees and appeared in newspapers and on television as a role model for other Syrians.

It all crashed when the 9-year-old girl admitted to a school counselor what Hussein had done. The school called the police. “I was shocked, angry, sad, I cried,” Jacob said. “My wife was hysterical. I started to put things together and the puzzle pieces fell into place. I suddenly understood why Hussein behaves strangely at times. He got stuck at times when we entered. But in my dream I did not expect this. He was related to me, but now I see him as a criminal.

“He appeared as a role model for other Syrians in newspapers and on television.”

Authorities arrested Hussein A. as a suspect and he testified. “There are no words in my English vocabulary to compensate or destroy the terrible mistakes I have made in the past,” he wrote. He added, “I abused my faith and caused great harm to my family. I take full responsibility for my actions and will do everything I can to rectify the situation.

The suspect was sentenced to more than seven years in prison. However, Jacob already feared that Hussein would try to get out of his sentence, and he was right: in 2018 the suspect left the country. The judge issued an arrest warrant, but Hussein a.

Jacob did everything he could to find out where the man who attacked his daughter had gone. After several detective missions, with the help of detectives, he found him in Sweden and later in the Netherlands. A Facebook photo betrayed him. Hussein pretended to be a refugee and took refuge here. He has an uncle in Praband who may have helped hide Hussein. Uncle denied this to the newspaper: “When I called Hussein from prison, I heard he was in the Netherlands.”

Human rights

Hussein A. He has been in the Dutch cell for more than three years. The lawyer who was initially murdered was assisted by Dirk Weir. U.S. officials have already called on our country to extradite Syria in July 2019, but Hussein a. Filed several appeals. He said his human rights record could be violated in a Washington prison, and he could be at risk of corona infection and be sentenced to life in prison.

All appeals were dismissed by the court. Hussein A. He is now being handed over to authorities in Snowcomish County, one of 39 counties in Washington, DC. It is not yet clear when he will be loaded onto the plane.

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