Netherlands backs Ukraine’s EU candidate: ‘smart’

Netherlands backs Ukraine's EU candidate: 'smart'

Earlier today, the European Commission recommended granting Ukraine membership to the candidate.


Prime Minister Rutte described this advice as a “reasonable compromise” during his post-cabinet press conference. Because according to Root, both supporters and opponents of candidate membership can live with this.

However, the government in Kyiv still has to meet a number of conditions before the real consultations that prepare for membership can begin. Moldova can also become a candidate member of the European Commission.

It will take years

It will take years before Ukraine and Moldova can join the European Union. Countries must then meet the so-called Copenhagen criteria. That will not be bargained, Hoekstra says. “They are not operations that move from today to tomorrow.” Croatia was the last country to join the European Union in 2013.

The government has so far refrained from deciding what position it will take on the membership candidate. The government wanted to wait for the European Commission’s advice, but said it would look into the matter “with an open mind”. Yesterday, Germany, France and Italy announced their support for Ukraine’s request.

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