Netflix is ​​working on a ‘PC game trio’ GamesRadar+

There is a development team for web/application functionality and they also make changes/improvements, not just these changes/improvements. And Netflix is ​​already a company in 2021 with 12,135 employees. I dare not say how many developers there are, but they are certainly not few. These mentioned features have been more requested by the public in the past 15 years, so is there still any indication that Netflix has absolutely no interest in these changes to the app?

In addition, spending more money on the development issue is generally not the answer. If an IT organization has a certain number of employees, adding more to a particular team at a certain point is not a good idea. More people to be managed need to know what other people are doing (more consulting), etc. This can have a negative impact on progress, even if you throw a lot of money at it. Teams only scale to a certain number of parallel processes. Now you can create new teams that work on specific features, but that would give you more of an “island” culture in return, and then changes involving multiple teams would be very slow. “

The “best” content is also subjective, personally I don’t have the bandwidth to watch a quality movie “The Shawshank Redemption” every day. Netflix will have numbers on how many people are watching, from their historic “quality” productions to their recent “13 by twelve” productions and how that translates into subscriptions. Netflix would have a lot more data and knowledge on this front than a few “random” posters in the article (myself included)… However, I would expect Netflix to use a “slow but steady” methodology to their budgets and spending pattern in terms of Content that pays off in decades rather than. Years. At least as long as the content was from Netflix itself, the Marvel series on Netflix were excellent and put Netflix on the map, but they can’t do much with it now that it’s not theirs (Marvel => Disney).

The good thing that Netflix is ​​doing is diversifying and PC gaming ties in really well with what they already do. This is not to say that every gamer watches Netflix and every Netflix viewer is a gamer, but both activities generally take up the same portion of your free time.

I’m actually also curious if future IP owners will be taken over by Netflix, IDW or Hasbro?

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