Nelson cut off part of his nose with nail scissors

Nelson cut off part of his nose with nail scissors

The singer talks about a “kind of birthmark” on his left nose. It didn’t really bother him, but as “more and more people started talking about him,” Nelson decided to take action. “So I thought: You know what I’m doing. I’m going to cut this thing out,” he explains.

Nelson thought it was a genius idea to do this with nail clippers. But this caused part of his nose to be cut off. He concludes, “So you shouldn’t do that. It’s inappropriate.”

His nose did not logically stop bleeding so Nelson decided – after a disapproving look on his wife – to call the doctor. He explained that he “was very adept at cutting off part of his nose with nail scissors,” and asked them for help. The doctor saved Nelson’s nose by burning it to seal it.

The question remains whether the singer will think twice before deciding to perform a “cool” act. with words ‘to the nextOf course you never know.

Nelson is back in theaters and we hope for him – and his fans – his nose is completely healed by then. We spoke with the singer about his theatrical tour.

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