Negotiate a new collective labor agreement for temporary workers after a year

Negotiate a new collective labor agreement for temporary workers after a year

The wage differential between temporary workers and permanent employees in companies is decreasing and there is more security at work for temporary workers who can be deployed flexibly. The pension for temporary workers will also be improved.

This is stated in the agreements between the trade unions FNV, CNV, De Unie and the Association of Private Employment Agencies ABU. A new one-year collective labor agreement was negotiated.

The umbrella organization of more than 1,300 smaller employment agencies NBBU does not participate in the new agreements. The Asian Blind Union, which is already participating, represents about 500 temporary staffing firms, including large temporary staffing firms.


The new employment contract cannot be separated from Advice From the Social and Economic Council (SER) to the Council of Ministers last summer. In this advice, unions and employers agree to change the status of a temporary worker. It should only be used in peak periods and in case of illness for a maximum of three years. It is now five and a half years.

In the new collective labor agreements, the duration of the first temporary contract will be reduced from one and a half years to one year. The term of the fixed-term contract extends from 4 to 3 years. Thus, the sum of the temporary contract and the contract for a fixed period of time may be up to a maximum of 4 years, and thus in the direction of 3 years of SER advice.

“Much of what is in SER advice should be regulated by law. It takes time. New CLAs anticipate this,” says Karin Heynsdijk, Director of FNV Flex. The intent is that in subsequent collective labor agreements, the differences between permanent and temporary work will be reduced, pending what will be regulated by law.

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SER advice has also played an important role in the negotiations of the Collective Labor Agreement for Regulating ABU Employment Agencies. “We are on our way to the future regulation of the labor market. The SER has provided a blueprint for this. We want to participate in the discussions in more detail. That is why having a collective labor agreement with the unions that contributed to SER advice is important,” says ABU Director Yurin. Cups.

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